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Tracking Free Social Media Mentions

There are several tools available for tracking media mentions. Mention is an excellent example. This tool offers free daily reports, web and desktop applications, and a mobile app. Mention is a great tool for monitoring competitors’ mentions and brand awareness. To begin, download the Mention app. Sign up for a free trial, then move to a paid plan after a certain amount of time. You can set up one alert per day, or track 250 mentions per month.

Mediatoolkit can be a great place to start monitoring media mentions. It will alert you if your mentions suddenly spike. It also allows you to set alert schedules, and you can even receive email notifications when mentions start piling up. Another popular tool for tracking media mentions is Keyhole, which combines a social media dashboard with your brand’s mentions. Keyhole is useful for brand monitoring, campaign monitoring, influencer marketing, event monitoring, and market research.

Another way to track mentions is to set up collections. These collections allow you to easily access relevant mentions, create reports, and export them. Using Automated actions can also save you time and effort. You can also set up your own automated actions, such as tagging mentions with keywords. This feature is especially useful if you have to analyze large amounts of mentions on a daily basis. You can set up digests for daily, weekly, and monthly updates to help you stay informed. A daily digest can help you prepare for daily tasks, weekly reporting, and team meetings.

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