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How Many Packs of Water Wave Hair For Butterfly Locs?

Before you begin the process of making butterfly locs, you may be wondering how many packs of water wave hair you need. You’ll need around six to eight packs of hair for your locs. It’s best to get extra hair so you can experiment and make mistakes. Most people use six or eight packs for butterfly locs, but you can purchase more if you want. Here are some of the options:

The first step is to prepare your base hair. You should use a natural hair that is at least 22 inches in length. This hair is perfect for creating butterfly locs, as the curliness and bouncy look it provides is the perfect complement to natural hair. The next step is to part your natural hair and braid, twist, or separate it. Once you’ve completed this step, your butterfly locs will look more undone and fluffier.

You can also use water wave hair to wrap your locs. Just make sure to purchase enough hair to cover your natural hair. Depending on the style you’d like, six to eight packs is an ideal number. You may want to purchase more or less depending on the length and density you want to create. The average person uses six to eight packs. It’s best to get more than enough if you plan to crochet or braid for a long time masstamilan.

Getting the right hair type for your locs is essential in getting the perfect look. The right type of hair is best for butterfly locs, but it’s important to choose the right one for your head size. Buying a pack of hair that’s too small will make the process more difficult. You’ll need filler hair if your natural hair is too short. Niseyo and FreeTress are two brands that sell great filler hair for butterfly locs.